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Description: In 1972, Dr. Paul Vanaman and Dixie Baptist Church felt the Lord’s leading in the area of Christian education. As a result, Springfield Christian Academy was born that year, consisting of kindergarten through grade three. During the 1970’s Springfield grew rapidly so that today we have a program for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Because the school is a ministry of Dixie Baptist Church, we adhere to the Biblical stand and standards of the church. All faculty members should be familiar with our doctrinal stand and our fundamental, Bible-believing practices. We believe that all educational activities should be related to the Scriptures. All subjects contain God’s truth because all true knowledge comes from God. It is impossible to teach the truth of our universe correctly without relating everything to the Lord. Thus, all subjects should be taught from this perspective. As Christians, we refute the humanistic-evolutionary philosophy of our society today by teaching our students from a Christ-centered, Bible-based approach. Since philosophy determines everything a person does, we desire that our students learn Biblical truth so that they may honor the Lord Jesus Christ with their lives—a life worth living!