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Description: Welcome to Deer Lake - Loved for over thirty years, our roots here at Deer Lake started in tennis back in 1973 as a simple four court facility. Since then we've grown with our members and anticipated their desire to become what we are today --- a place with a rich past, a solid present and an eye for the future. And while we've always been where families, singles, seniors and couples come to mingle and relax where children find camaraderie, teens find activity and adults find friends laughter and a place to play hard...what Deer Lake has become is much more than that. We're more than a place where people drop by to enjoy a steak, lively conversation, a tasty salad, or a glass of wine...more than a place a bride celebrates her wedding day with hundeds of her friends. What we've become today is something that each of our staff and our members are proud to be a part of...a place where the children of our earliest members are now creating memories with the grandchildren of those very same members. Memories somehow familiar yet altogether new and different...memories of doing something good for themselves and doing something they enjoy with the people they love.