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Description: Luke Lloyd’s passion for the game of basketball runs deep. Growing up in the basketball crazy town of Flint, Michigan, Lloyd was immediately drawn to the game. Surrounded by players, he quickly learned everything he could about the skills and strategies involved in the game. He worked hard on his fundamentals, set goals for himself and aspired to make the game part of his life. Eventually, Lloyd earned a scholarship to Morehead State University. He finished out his college career at Campbellsville University, where he played for coach Travis Ford. From there, he traveled the globe playing professionally in multiple countries. In 2009, he retired and dedicated his time to giving back to the game that means so much to him. Since retirement, he’s worked on player development, coaching and training in his hometown. His goal remains simple –– helping players learn the fundamentals of basketball the right way, while improving themselves and having fun. He works hard with individuals to push them to the best of their ability. Dribble Stick Training is now an internationally recognized organization –– proving that with a dream, a lot of hard work and a passion for the game of basketball –– anything is possible. For more information about Coach Luke Lloyd at Dribble Stick Training, please contact us here or call us directly at 810.429.0790.